Join as an Intern or Volunteer, Share Your Knowledge and Learn

Sharing of knowledge creates powerful energy. Join as an intern or volunteer to share your knowledge and skills, and implement them to empower marginalised women and their communities with BALI WISE.

Fields of Interest You Can Contribute to

Specifically for the Bali WISE Program:

  • Teaching basic English skills
  • Program development
  • Bali WISE College
  • Teaching yoga

In general:

  • Media, social media
  • Event planning & organization
  • Promotion, marketing, advertising
  • Fundraising, grant research
  • Administration, database management
  • Video Maker & Editor
  • Data Analysis

Available Positions

Interested in An Internship or Volunteering?

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When I look back at my time at Bali WISE, a big smile appears on my face.

Bali WISE gave me the opportunity to put my knowledge that I gained at school into practice. I prepared lessons in which psychologically related topics were central. The students always listened attentively, it gave me a good feeling that they found the subjects interesting and that they acquired knowledge about it.

The Bali WISE team is very close to each other. I thought it was great to see how serious they work, but also how much fun they have together in team activities such as paintball, eating out, swimming, and so on. In this way, the colleagues get a stronger bond with each other. It was really nice to see and experience.

Fatima El Bacha


I joined Bali WISE for three months in October 2017. Throughout my time in the organization, I enjoyed the atmosphere in the team a lot.

One of my main responsibilities was fundraising; contacting businesses on Bali to sponsor vouchers for a fundraising auction and event.

Also, I worked with the Bali WISE students directly. I gave classes in English grammar and tried out different workshop techniques to better get to know the young women and their needs.

I learned a lot about Bali, Indonesia, the problems the students (and also the organization) are facing, and about myself. The whole experience helped me build up confidence and awareness and this will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Jessica Steinberg