Hospitality Skills Training for Marginalized Young Women

BALI WISE empowers marginalized women and indirectly their communities through sponsored hospitality & life skills education and on-job training at one of our 5-star education partners. By training these young Indonesian women and helping them find full time employment in the hospitality sector with fair wages, they have a chance for a better future and the poverty cycle can be broken.

Graduated women since 2007

Gained full time employment

Family members benefitted indirectly

Empowering Women Empowers Communities

Why We Need to Act

Young women in poor families face a gender bias, as sons are prioritized to receive higher education.

Unskilled women get pregnant earlier and have more children than their educated peers, continuing the poverty cycle.

Women are dominating illiteracy in Indonesia, and their salaries are usually 50% of the official area minimum.

Lacking knowledge, unskilled women are more prone to contract HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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