Every 25th of November, Indonesia celebrates National Teachers Day, and Bali WISE does not want to miss this opportunity to celebrate and to thank the teachers for their endless and incredible dedication and contribution to education.

Pandemic Impact to Education

The education system around the world has changed dramatically following the pandemic outbreak in 2020. The teaching-learning process is no longer using conventional methods, but instead using online platforms to keep the education running without any physical contact that potentially causes the virus to spread.

However, implementing the new teaching method is not as easy as it seems, and on the contrary, has increased the number of mental health cases among educators and learners. Many of them are overwhelmed with the new system which came with these problems: lack of students’ attention, poor internet connection (especially in remote areas), lack of engagement, senior teachers’ inability to run IT-based learning and assessments, and many more. With that in mind, we must appreciate the teachers’ dedication to teaching despite the overwhelming frustration towards the pandemic and the challenging transition to virtual learning. 

Celebrating National Teacher’s Day with Bali WISE Students

Indonesia celebrates National Teacher’s Day annually every 25th November, not only as a token of appreciation to the teachers’ dedication, but also to remember the important roles of teachers in building a better generation for a nation.

To celebrate this special occasion, the Bali WISE students created a compilation of thank you videos, dedicated to the teachers all over Indonesia, especially to the teachers who have educated them up until today. You can check out their videos on Bali WISE Instagram and Facebook page.

Teachers are every nation’s assets for quality education and development. There is a quote from Solomon Ortiz saying, “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”

Happy Teacher’s Day, dear amazing teachers!