Bali WISE Basic Education Class | Intake 41 – Week 8 | Barista Training | Thurs, 29th Aug 2019 – Nyoman’s Beer Garden

As part of their curriculum, Bali WISE students headed to Nyoman’s Beer Garden Bar & Restaurant to have Barista training. Students had the chance to learn about coffee and Barista. The class started with a coffee presentation and theory, where they explore how specialty coffee is grown and processed. The training was continued with tasting coffee beans, each student tried to taste and classified the coffee beans from two different varieties of coffee. Arabica coffee beans are more oval and flat in shape, and pack a sweeter, lighter, smoother taste also have more oils in the beans, so can pack more fruity and sweet flavors. Robusta coffee is slightly smaller and rounder in shape and packs a stronger, bitter, powerful taste, less oils, often has more natural, earthy and heavier flavors. Now students able to distinguished type of coffee based on shape and taste.

Students learned about the coffee machine and the function, each student tried to operate an espresso machine and grinder, continued with practice steaming milk to make foam in right texture and temperature to make cappuccino and coffee latte. Students were also learned how to pour latte art, they take turns to make latte art guided by Nyoman’s Beer Garden Barista. Students showed great enthusiasm during the training, hopefully, all of these skills and knowledge will provide a great foundation for their future job prospects.