To celebrate World Cleanup Day, we organized a beach cleanup at Geger Beach with the R.O.L.E. Foundation team, Bali WISE students, local kids from Sawangan, and a few volunteers on Saturday, 18th of September 2021.

World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day is a global social movement that aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste on our planet and create a better environment for us to live in by participating in a cleanup action. Every year, millions of participants from more than 100 countries around the globe join this movement to create awareness on mismanaged waste.

Cleaning Up Geger Beach

On Saturday, 18th of September 2021, the R.O.L.E. Foundation staff along with Bali WISE students, local kids from Sawangan, and a few volunteers were doing a beach cleanup at Geger Beach, Nusa Dua. The cleanup took place from 7 am to 8.30 am, and despite the light rain, the cleanup went smoothly and the participants successfully collected the plastic waste around the area. After the cleanup, the participants weighed the waste they collected and earned waste vouchers to exchange for goods at the World Cleanup Bazaar at the ZeroWaste Center.

Bazaar in The ZeroWaste Center

This last month prior to World Cleanup Day, the kids from the surrounding local communities already brought in a lot of waste in exchange for the waste vouchers and this added up to the waste vouchers collected after the beach cleanup. All vouchers were exchanged for delicious chocolate, school materials, rice, fresh food, and more in the World Cleanup Bazaar at the ZeroWaste Center. 

The bazaar was a success, not only are we reducing the amount of plastics ending up in landfills and in the ocean, the villages also become cleaner and the local community has a healthier and less plastic environment. And moreover, the kids are becoming more aware of the value that plastic waste can have.