Bali WISE Skills Education | Intake 40 – Week 3 | English Night Class | Tuesday, 23rd April 2019 – Ms. Svenja

On Tuesday night, Bali WISE Students of intake 40 got their first night class with our volunteer Ms. Svenja. Yesterday was all about warming up, feeling more confident in speaking English and getting to know each other. After a quick warming up exercise to loosen up any tensions and tiredness from the day, the students had to name two things about themselves, while one statement was true and the other one a lie. The others then had to guess which one was the false one, that way getting to know each other better. After that, the students learned important phrases for expressing their hobbies, passion, habits and dislikes which they then applied in small group discussions. Last but not least they had to present each other in front of the class in first-person perspective using the acquired vocabulary.