Bali WISE Basic Education Class | Intake 41 – Week 7 | Fruits & Vegetables Carving Workshop | Monday, Aug 19th 2019 – Mr. Arip

As part of the curriculum, Bali WISE students had fruit and vegetable workshop. The art of carving fruit and vegetable is within reach of everyone. From mere initiation to advanced improvement, Bali WISE gives an added advantage to students to acquire and to master the arts of fruit & vegetable carving.

The art of carving fruits and vegetables originated during the period Sukhothai in the 14th century in Thailand. For our students to acquire this art, we organize Fruit Carving Workshop sessions by Mr. Arip the Master of Fruit and vegetable carving. The objectives of this workshop session are for students to learn basic gestures and techniques of carving fruits & vegetables then they able to combine beauty and finesse.

This workshop was held 3 times. At the first meeting, students learn about the basic carving theory and techniques and they begin to practice the theories they have learned. At the second meeting, the students carved large fruits such as watermelons and papaya, the progress of their carving skills is very good they had produced very beautiful shapes. At the third meeting, the students deepened their carving skills and also learned to string up carved fruits and vegetables into a very beautiful object with the Bali WISE logo on it.

Our students were very excited to have a firsthand experience of carving skills.

So congratulations to all the students of Bali WISE you are fortunate because you get the opportunity to develop this art in you and reap the benefits in the future in your career.