We understand that our students also need a break from a long week of training, we want them to refresh their mind but also with a positive activity. Yoga has proven to be a great way to relieve stress and keep our student body healthy. Today yoga class is taught by Ms. Arista, our old Bali WISE alumni. Ms. Arista taught our student some basic standing pose to get them started and continued one after another. The class is filled with a calming aura as our students practice their Yogi stances and calm their mind.

With Yoga, we believe that our student can focus more on their study if they have a way to relieve all the stress and tension from a whole week of skills training. Most of our student that came from a marginalized area are unaware of the benefit of exercising. They used to work on the field back in the village and we don’t want them to become inactive when they are studying here at Bali WISE campus.