Bali WISE Basic Education Class | Intake 42 – Week 10 | CTC Training | Thurs, Dec 5th, 2019 – CTC Team

Students have CTC (Coral Training Centre) training. The purpose we give these innovative Coral Reef education materials is to engage and inspire our students to learn about coral reef and become stewards of this vital ecosystem. The activities were started with a tour around the area and a game called wise fishing with Ms. Herni, this game was to educate our students about sustainable fishing. The activities were continued with fun learning class students learn how to be marine scientist by measuring the length of the fishes and learned about the population, Ms. Siwi explains to our students about the main threats of Coral reefs, marine wildlife, marine protected area, zoning system and the connection between those subjects with hospitality industry. Marine species provide important ecosystem services such as the provision of food, medicines and support tourism and recreational activities around the world. The activities end with the presentation from our students about their plan as tourism actors to keep the sustainability of the environment. This knowledge encouraged our students to be able to bring out the messages for tourists and everyone to take part in preserving coral reefs, marine ecosystem and the environment for a better future.