Bali WISE students Intake 43 had self defense class to know how to build awareness, and knowing the skills to enable themselves to successfully escape, resist, and survive violent attacks. This class was given by Mr.Mega who has already mastered self defense technique for 30 years.

First of all, the students were taught to do meditation to calm and relax their mind before receiving all the knowledge about self defense. This is very important to control emotions and keep the students stay focused during the lessons.

In the next step, the students were given a little bit of warming up and exercise to prepare the body before learning any kind of self defense technique. This is also powerful to increase their endurance.
Mr. Mega teaches students about how to protect their personal boundaries, how to prevent unwanted situations from happening and how to defend themselves when needed. He sets an example scenario that might happen to the women and teaches the basic strategies and techniques that need to be mastered by students. Students were very excited and enthusiastic to take turns to practice it.