Bali WISE Basic Education Class | Intake 42 – Week 5 | Personality Class| Friday, Nov 8th, 2019 – Ruang Pulih

Bali WISE student had a personality class about “Knowing yourself” with Ms. Intan and Mr. Dillah from Ruang Pulih. Students were learned about how to know themselves. Ms. Intan introduced a personality test called MBTI (Myers-Briggs Types Indicator) it was created by Katharine Myers and Isabel Briggs. According to MBTI method, there are 16 types of personality. The basic theories are extrovert/introvert, sensing/intuitive, thinking/feeling, judging /perceiving. Students took the test together to know their personality. Students were also learned about how to set their goals and how to reach their goals in life with Mr. Dillah. After class students become more confident, they know about their strengths and weaknesses. Students know the difference between unique and special from themselves. Students learned about how to get up in all situations and always improve their strengths and minimize their weaknesses and also they were able to share their positive energy from this class. Thank you Ruang Pulih!