Bali WISE’s Night Classes and Evening Activities, Week 5, Intake 35, 6.30-8.30pm, each evening.

On Tuesday evening, 13th February 2018, they had their English night class with Mr. Mike. They studied English by learning to sing English songs. “With My Own Two Hands” and “How Far I’ll Go” were the two songs studied. The students were really excited with this method. They practiced singing the songs and were taught the meaning of the words, the sentences and the songs itself.

The Wednesday evening, 14th February 2018, they had their Performing Arts class with Ms. Syifa. They learnt how to dance. Before they started the dancing, they were taught to stretch and warm up. Dancing lessons were taught step by step. They practiced to dance very well, even though it was their first time to do the modern dance. The students enjoyed the class and before they finished the class, we had a dance battle.

Then on Friday evening, 16th February 2018, the students studied English by watching an English movie. They watched Trolls Movie. They really enjoyed the movie and the movie taught them English in friendships.