Cancer can harm people of any age, even youngsters, although it tends to affect adults or the elderly more frequently. According to the findings of the 2013 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas), there were up to 16,291 instances of cancer in children aged 0 to 14 years. Of the number of children being harmed by cancer, some of them are treated in hospitals with late-stage cancer.

Children with cancer have less time than other kids their age to play with friends and have fun because they spend most of their time receiving treatment. In addition, children with cancer also tend to get tired more easily, therefore they shouldn’t participate in strenuous activities.

In Bali itself, there is a foundation that serves as a house for children with cancer who come from outside the area to be a place to stopover if they are seeking treatment. So, children who need treatment do not need to frequently visit their hometowns. This foundation is YPKA Bali (Yayasan Peduli Kanker Anak Bali)

PELITA, a social group of Bali WISE alumni came to visit YPKA Bali to entertain those children with cancer by giving a workshop on natural dyeing and donation distribution.

Natural Dyeing 

Some alumni and staff of Bali WISE participated in giving a natural dyeing workshop and donation distribution to YPKA Bali last Saturday, 20th August 2022. The workshop was completed successfully and all the children in the YPKA also have hands-on training in making their natural dyeing printing.

This activity did not so much require the children to move here and there, thus they seemed not affected in terms of their energy. Nevertheless, their health was the main priority in this project.

The Donation Distribution 

Since the children living in YPKA vary from age 4-15 years old and some of them are accompanied by their parents, PELITA considered distributing donations of baby and household needs.

During the donation distribution, PELITA also gave each child a small gift, and they were very excited about it. It is a token of thanks for giving us a lesson-learn, despite their lives being tough and they cannot predict it, they embrace it and are always cheerful. From those children, we know the meaning of life and are grateful.

Play a ROLE!

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