Last week the students had sewing projects by recycling old clothes to become something that we can donate to charity, sell or use them on our own. Also creating awareness of clothing recycling. Restyling, upcycling are all ways of eking a bit of extra life out of a garment. It does not only help the environment but also makes the students more creative.

After some discussion, they decided to make bags. We appreciate Ms. Ane for volunteering by helping, communicating and discusses with our students. They learn the basics of hand-sewing and information about the importance and benefit of recycling the used item.

Making a bag of their own is a wonderful challenge. Some students said It’s even more satisfying about making things on their own then it becomes something useful. Yes! The joy of constructing something with your hands never gets old. They are blissful with the result. They bring it home and use it on their own.