Bali WISE Basic Education Class | Intake 40 – Week 6 |Self-Love Class| Tue, 14th May 2019 – Teacher : Ms. Sita.

As part of their curriculum, Bali WISE students having their Self-Love class with Ms. Sita. This class is to educate and empowers our students who have the struggle with confidence, self esteem and sense of self. Ms. Sita motivates the students to love themselves and to stop having negative thought on themselves, because everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect, so whenever they feel their inner critic coming out, they should stop it and think about what they are saying to themselves. Then say something positive instead of something negative.

The students also taught to visualize their future goals and their future dream that they want to achieve by creating their Dreams Card. A Dreams Card is a tool for describing their goal, mapping out a plan for getting there, and visualizing their new reality, all in one place. The class was continued with consultation and sharing session. The students take the opportunity of this session to have private sharing with Ms. Sita about their feeling and emotion on something that hold back their confidence. This session helps the students to release their self-distrust and increase the confidence, self esteem and love themselves.