Bali WISE Basic Education Class | Intake 40 – Week 3 | Environment Class | Wednesday, April 23rd 2019 – Teacher: Mr. Manaf

As part of their curriculum, Bali WISE students had environment class because preserving the environment is very important. This class was held at Zero Waste to Ocean – Community Environment & Skills Center is to encourage the students to take part in saving our planet. Students were informed that the first step they can take is to skip single use plastics. Single use plastic such as water bottles, take-away packaging, plastic bags, and straws create ocean pollution which can destroy ecosystems and endanger marine life. Mr. Manaf taught them to minimize the impact, remove unnecessary single use plastics from daily habits. The class was continued with fun activities. The students get involved to support marine center section by adding miniature of marine species. They were continued the activities with recycling the paper. Recycling is the recovery and reprocessing of waste materials for use in new products. There are important environmental and economic benefits connected with recycling. Common materials that are recycled consist of aluminum cans, glass, paper, wood, and plastic. It is another step to save our planet.