Bali WISE Basic Education Class | Intake 42 – Week 10 | Shark Conservation Workshop| Thu, 12th Dec 2019 – Ibu Lyn⠀

Bali WISE students had Shark Conservation Workshop. This workshop aims to increase awareness of the importance of sharks and the threats they are facing. As an apex predator, sharks are crucial to marine ecosystems yet are experiencing a global decline. During the workshop, students learned how to identify local shark species and their characteristics, what is causing their rapid reduction in numbers and how they can help stop this catastrophic loss.⠀

Sharks often get a bad reputation because people don’t understand a lot about them. They exist in every marine ecosystem. Sharks have presided over those ecosystems as apex predators for millions of years. Now, sharks are being eliminated by a relatively new apex predator from which sharks have no natural protection. Here the students learned how to conserve sharks and protect their population, by not supporting shark fin trade and unsustainable fishing, also keep the marine environment clean.