Rainy season in Bali can be quite challenging, although it is a blessing for nature, on the beaches you will find a lot of trash that has been washed up by the heavy rains and storms. One part of the Bali WISE program is to go on a beach cleanup activity with R.O.L.E. Foundation. Arriving at the location, we noticed that the beach was on high tide, but we still found a lot of waste at the beach.

Together with Hilton Bali Resort, SD 2 Benoa and any other participants, we go along the beach with empty rice sacks to collect the wastes. We found many microplastics, ranging from styrofoam, beverage bottles, instant noodles, shampoo sachets, food packages, sandals, and used clothes that were either left by visitors or carried by the waves from the sea. 181,58 kg of garbage were collected that day.

After the activities, all participants were served by Hilton Bali Resort with some refreshments and drinks. We all had a good discussion about how to save the ocean by reducing the use of plastic in our daily routine. It is very delightful to see the clean beach.

Huge thanks to all participants for collaborating with us to take the action as a form of our concern for the environment and encouraging everyone to care more about the environment and waste management. We couldn’t have done this without all our incredible collaborators from teams, volunteers, and people like you!