Bali WISE Basic Education Class | Intake 42 – Week 8 | Fire prevention training | Wed, 27th Nov 2019 – Pak Widi.

Fire prevention training with Pak Widi from UPT BPBD Bali. This Training aims to provide them with insight into the first steps that must be raised when a fire occurs at the Workplace. Pak Widi shared knowledge about what causes fire at the workplace, how to handle and how to evacuate the guests. The most important point is not to be panic. During the training, Basic students of Bali WISE so enthusiastic to learn how to extinguish the fire and how to keep themselves calm if there are fires near them. There are two methods to extinguish the fire, traditional and modern. The students were very excited to try these both methods. Each student takes turns to practice how to extinguish the fire with traditional methods using a wet cloth and modern method using fire extinguisher chemical powder. All of the students are very brave to extinguish the fire.